Here at the frequently asked questions page, we have collected all the most common questions beings asked to us on a regular basis. We make sure to compile them to be your reference too. Who knows? You may be having the same questions as the other customers who frequent this place. As such, we want to save you the time and the effort in contacting us. However, you can still send us an email for verification and if you have questions that this page has not able to answer.

Q: Where can we find the exact location of your restaurant?

A: For our location, we have the address posted at the contact us page. You can find them at the left side corner with a picture of the map of the place beside it. You can just key in your location there so that the map can give you the fastest route from your place to ours.

Q: Do you have any other branches aside from the one located in Henderson?

A: The Fork and Wrench currently only have one branch which is located in Henderson. However, we are already planning a second branch. Please stay tuned here at our online bulletin for the news about this. When it is ready, we are going to upload the news here on our website.

Q: Do you serve vegan dishes?

A: We offer here a variety of dishes including those for vegans. Expect that you can see them on our menu when you decide to visit our place.

Q: What if I have a food allergy?

A: The dishes that we serve here are not allergen free. So if you have a food allergy, might as well advise us so that we can serve something safer for you. You can call us or email us beforehand if you need further assistance to this.