I love the aesthetics of this place. It is really amazing especially with the vintage theme on the inside. It gives you a homey vibe which will allow you to enjoy the place better. The food here is great too. I like it that they have included a new twist to traditional dishes we Americans enjoy such as burgers, fries, and pizzas. With every bite, you can taste the freshness of every dish. This restaurant is highly recommended particularly after a whole day of strolling the area of Henderson. Make sure not to miss it.


This place is very instagrammable. Every corner boasts of a different scenery. You just have to take a picture of everything because it is really very charming. Even the paintings they have here are carefully chosen to fit the overall interior of the place. The chandeliers that grace the wall are exquisite. I don’t know where they have gotten it because it seems as if those even came from the medieval times. This place is really very interesting down to the food that they offer. I do not believe that the food they offer here, especially the presentation, can be found elsewhere.


I found this place while looking for a coffee shop as I wait for my daughter to finish her ballet classes. It was a good place without being ostentatious. I love their chairs here because they are very comfortable. It is really good especially if you are coming from a long day of walking around. The food is very good too. I instantly fell in love with how they served me my coffee and biscuits. It was just a simple order but the way they presented it made it look more special. This is an amazing place to just enjoy the day or to satisfy your cravings for good American dishes.